Friday, December 21, 2012

Digital painting

I've been practising my digital painting since I wanted to improve on it. I think I did, compared to my last digital paint. Here's the final look.

Since I'm in the mood for practise, I made another one. But it's still in the process of completion so here's a preview. Hopefully I pull this off. I'm not good at colour dynamics so I only use the standard colour (if you call it that) in skin tones (notice how I usually go for this tone for the skin). I tried going for other colours so I hope I get to improve on that aspect as well.

Yeah I know. Her face started looking different from the original look but whatever. Hahaha!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Anime style

These are some works I did in the past. I had posted them in another blog site but I don't use that anymore so I shall be posting new ones here.

Traditional drawings

Disclaimer: Asuka Kazama belongs to Namco

Semi realistic

semi realistic trial

More vectored art



 No more curls

 Art request

 Prince Toma

 Tree Nymph


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


They are kids from the orphanage. I started out with just that brown haired little girl. But then she seemed lonely so I gave her some "siblings". I don't know why the orphanage though. It just feels right to me. They seem like they're orphaned. Poor kids.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blue and Pink

I grew tired of Blondes, Brunettes and Gingers that I made her colours a little unusual. I love pink. I think pink and a light shade of blue compliments each other well. Originally, she was supposed to be all pink. But I thought it would be boring that way so I added blue. I think it works fine.


There's a story behind this one. I went to school without a wink of sleep and it was an 8 am class. But even though I didn't get any sleep, I still had the energy to create this one. It's sort of like an expression of what I'm currently feeling during the moment. As are other of my works :)